If you’ve never worked with a hybrid sealant before, you might be unsure about how and where you can use this type of product, or even about how effective it will be for the job at hand.  

Making a change from conventional, separate cartridge products to an all-in-one formulation might feel like a leap of faith – after all, the last thing you want is for your bonds to fail or your seals to spring a leak.

But with next-gen hybrid sealant technology like DURA+, you can rest assured that your work will stand the test of time – while also saving you time in the process.  

Combining the water resistance and elasticity of silicone with the mechanical strength of polyurethane, plus a unique curing process that creates durable bonds under almost any conditions, DURA+ will change the way you approach countless repair jobs.  

From the most basic fixes to complex tasks that would normally require a specialist product, here are six tricky jobs you can do with DURA+:

1. Fix a leaky gutter (even in the rain)

Guttering repairs are one of the most common repair jobs for tradesmen and domestic homeowners alike – but if you’ve ever tried to fix a gutter with ordinary silicone, you’ll know the chances of long-term success are low!  For starters, silicone requires the surface to be completely dry – but who notices a leaky gutter when it’s not raining?  The unique formulation of DURA+ makes it hydrophobic – or water repellent – which means it adheres instantly even on wet surfaces.  It’s solvent free, so it won’t shrink or crack as it dries, and it’s permanently flexible which means it copes effortlessly with the natural movement of the guttering for a permanent, fast fix.

2. Seal damaged water tanks or ponds (without draining)

Sealing a leak underwater used to be an impossible task.  If a water tank or pond developed a leak, you’d have to drain the water before even attempting a repair, and then fill it back up again (with bated breath) to make sure the repair would hold.  With DURA+, there’s no need to drain a leaky tank or pond because the hydrophobic formula grabs instantly, even when submerged or under running water conditions – check out our video to see for yourself.  DURA+ is also a solvent-free, non-toxic formula that’s safe for aquatic life, so if you’re fixing a pond that contains fish, there’s no need to disturb them while carrying out your repair.

3. Seal lead flashing

Lead is used for weatherproofing applications on buildings because of its unique properties.  It’s soft and malleable, which means it can be moulded to a tight fit around roofing joints, and it’s extremely resistant to weather conditions because of its ability to expand and contract with extremes of hot and cold.  But this expanding and contracting means that lead is difficult to seal using conventional products like silicone, which are not designed to cope with a lot of joint movement.  DURA+ sticks effortlessly to lead for a permanent, strong bond that’s super elastic and will never shrink or crack.

4. Bond plastic to plastic (even PVC)

Bonding plastic (especially PVC) often requires the use of specialist adhesives such as two-part epoxies, PVC cement or cyanoacrylate (superglue).  There’s a lot of margin for error, since different types of plastic often require different types of glue depending on their composition – but not any more!  DURA+ offers an almost universal solution for bonding plastic to plastic, including PVC, making it ideal for those last-minute plumbing and other repairs.  

5. Stick brick

Traditional mortar is normally used to bond bricks and other masonry substrates, but it’s messy and time-consuming to work with.  For small brickwork jobs or one-off fixes, a masonry adhesive is a quick alternative – and with DURA+, you don’t need a separate cartridge!  Use it to attach brick slips and veneers, or for sticking a single brick or stone back in place, with instant, powerful grab that eliminates the need to support your repair as it cures.

6. Caulk stone worktops

Sealing around kitchen worktops is vital for preventing the ingress of moisture as well as a build-up of unhygienic debris, but many sealants are unsuitable for use with natural stone and can cause unsightly staining.  DURA+ is approved for use with natural stone and won’t stain granite worktops – plus its strength and flexibility mean it copes effortlessly with repeated cleaning and movement due to settling.  It’s also paintable, making it ideal for sealing along the tops of granite upstands for an invisible finish.


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