Most joiners will admit they’ve got a natural aversion to adhesives.  Apart from wood glue or a specialist epoxy when strictly needed, most view the use of adhesives as a cheat or lazy man’s approach to quality joinery work.

But as adhesive technology improves, more and more joiners – particularly the next generation – are looking at adhesives as a valuable, time-saving tool in their joinery kit.

Hybrid polymers like DURA+ have changed the adhesives game for joiners due to the nature of the bonds that can be created, and the convenience of an all-in-one formulation that requires no mixing.

DURA+ has a solvent-free formulation that cures by pulling moisture from the air, which means no shrinkage.  During curing, a unique process known as crosslinking takes place. This is the formation of additional chemical bonds between polymeric chains to form a three-dimensional network which is stronger yet more flexible than traditional silicones, adhesives and first generation hybrids.  This process results in instant grab that eliminates the need for clamping and other supports traditionally used in joinery tasks.

Once cured, DURA+ has superb durability and flexibility.  It will stretch up to 400% without breaking, making it ideal for joinery applications that are subject to movement or vibrations.  It’s completely waterproof and paintable, making it suitable for many different structural and decorative joinery projects throughout the home and garden.

Here are five joinery tasks where you can save precious time and achieve a superior finish using DURA+:



Timber panelling is all the rage right now with many homeowners turning to machined MDF panels as a faster and less expensive alternative to softwood panellings.  Tongue and groove-style panelling is particularly easy and quick to construct using MDF and DURA+ offers an ideal alternative to your nail gun when it comes to fixing panels to the wall.  There’s no need to batten out the walls, and no need to go around filling countless nail holes before priming and painting.  DURA+ will grab instantly onto any sound vertical surface and won’t shrink or deteriorate over time, even in bathroom environments.  It can also be used to fill or seal gaps between panels, ready for overpainting.  Simple!


Installing worktops

Worktop installation is one of few jobs where joiners DO routinely use adhesive – normally a standard contact adhesive combined with screws.  Using a hybrid polymer adhesive like DURA+ for this task has a number of advantages.  It bonds almost any substrate, including wood, granite, composite and laminate.  It cures to a flexible, moisture-resistant finish that will never shear away from the substrate, for permanently strong bonds.  It’s ideal for fixing upstands and even attaching edging strips, and works as both an adhesive and a sealant, so you can seal the edges with the same product when the worktop is installed.  DURA+ is solvent-free so it won’t damage delicate surfaces like marble and stone, and it’s also food-safe for peace of mind in the kitchen.


Flooring repairs

When it comes to laying a new wooden floor, you’re always going to reach for a proprietary flooring adhesive – but for repairs, DURA+ is a perfect choice.  Durable, flexible and available in a range of colours, you can use it to replace loose blocks in a parquet floor, fix creaking or gappy subfloors, fix stairs and spindles, and seal cracks or holes almost anywhere.  It will also stick down vinyl and tiles and once cured, delivers supremely flexible bonds that can cope with a high degree of vibration and movement – ideal for older or multi-storey properties.


Skirting and architrave

Attaching skirting boards and architraves using a mixture of contact adhesive and pins is standard practice, but it has two main drawbacks.  One is nail holes, which are time consuming to fill and on solid hardwood joinery, are never truly invisible.  The other is shearing due to the brittle nature of contact adhesives once cured.  Because DURA+ has instant grab, you don’t need to pin the timber in place – simply press to ensure good contact and it’s not going anywhere, so you can get away with fewer nail holes – or none at all!  It remains flexible for life even with vibrations and settlement, and is paintable so you can use it to fix and seal your skirtings and architraves for a completely flawless finish.


Vans & conversions

Not your everyday joinery task but an environment most chippies will come up against from time to time – vehicles!  This could be a transporter van needing converted for a tradesman with shelving inside, a camper or caravan, or another vehicle adapted with storage or living quarters – whatever the task, DURA+ is the ideal adhesive for joiners looking to deliver robust work that looks sharp but can flex and move as required on the road.  Using DURA+ in woodwork joins provides a degree of cushioning and flexibility that’s essential for longevity where your work will be constantly on the move.  It can be used alone for fixing sheet materials such as worktops and internal linings, or combined with other fixings to give added durability to structural joinery work. 


DURA+ can replace six or more cartridge products used on a daily basis by joiners, plumbers, builders and handymen.  It’s the ideal fix for a wide range of construction and repair jobs, saving you time and money in the process.  Find out more here, including how to get your hands on a free sample.