Having a pond in your garden used to be considered a sure sign of being posh, reserved only for those with countryside homes (or geeks with a penchant for Koi carp).

But over the past couple of years, there’s been a huge boom in the number of people installing wildlife ponds in even the smallest of back gardens.  The trend is being driven by concerns over climate change and wildlife habitat loss, and was further fuelled by the coronavirus lockdowns, during which many people found sanctuary and a new passion for wildlife in their own back yards (literally).

Having a pond in the garden has some pretty cool benefits for humans and nature alike.  The sound of running water from a babbling rill or bubble pool is shown to reduce stress levels as well as drowning out road noise.  Even the smallest pond – and you can make one in a bowl or pot – has potential to attract insects, birds and frogs to the garden, helping to create balanced ecosystems even in cities.

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY gardener, DURA+ is a must-have for your toolkit when creating or repairing a garden pond.  Read on to discover all the wet and wild jobs you can complete in minutes with just one tube!


Repairing a pond liner

Ever heard the phrase ‘He’s rubber and you’re glue’ to describe why two people don’t get along?  That’s because rubber and glue are typically enemies that either won’t stick together, or actively destroy each other!

DURA+, however, is a solvent-free hybrid polymer adhesive that stick effortlessly to rubber or butyl pond liners, PVC pipes and more.  It’s also hydrophobic, which means it sticks and cures even in wet conditions or under running water.  This means you don’t need to drain your pond in order to repair a leak – simply find the problem, and fix it on the spot.  The product is safe for aquatic life too, so you don’t even need to remove the fish!


Making a container pond

Container ponds are a popular way for people to create a wildlife pond in a small space and without the hassle of digging down or using a pond liner.  You can turn almost any container into a small pond, such as a ceramic pot, an old Belfast sink, or a metal water tank.  Chances are all of these items will have drainage holes in them that need to be sealed up – and DURA+ is the ideal product for the job!  It won’t shrink or crack, even in winter time, so your pond will stay watertight and looking beautiful for years to come.  If you find a leak after your pond is filled, don’t worry; just add some more DURA+ to seal it up.


Sticking masonry or stone

A crucial element of any wildlife pond is some cover and a bridge for small creatures to get in and out of the water – and bricks or stones can fulfil both functions.  For small projects, or if you don’t feel confident using mortar, DURA+ is a perfect alternative.  Use it fix stones in place around the edge of your pond, to disguise hard landscaping with smaller pebbles or to create platforms for submerged plants – you don’t even need to wait for the product to cure to test your handiwork, since it’s fully waterproof!


Sealing around pump inlet/outlet

Installing a pump in your pond takes it to a whole new level, aerating the water so that plants and creatures can thrive there, and creating that coveted running water sound that’s so soothing in the garden.  DURA+ is ideal for pump installation jobs including attaching the pump housing to the base of the pond, or sealing around water inlets and outlets.  It’s available in a range of colours for an invisible finish.


DURA+ offers total convenience for landscapers and gardeners thanks to its hydrophobic, high-grab, quick-curing formula – you can complete a whole range of jobs quickly and easily, and get on with enjoying the great outdoors!  Try it today