You know that old saying, ‘no foot, no horse?’  Well in construction, the same could be said about roofs – no roof, no house!

The roof forms any building’s main protection from the elements. It’s a whole system of products working together to weatherproof the structure and carry excess moisture away, so any damage needs to be fixed quickly – and well.

Roofing jobs by their very nature can be challenging.  First off, you’re working at height and often in some strange positions, so any product or technology that reduces risk and makes the job easier is a must.  

Secondly, in order to protect a building from the elements, all materials used in roofing applications must themselves be fully weatherproof and long-lasting in order to avoid the need for frequent repairs.

So how can DURA+ make a difference for roofing contractors and other tradesmen tasked with roofing repairs?  Here’s how:


DURA+ is a 6-in-1 product

How many times have you been on a roof to do one job, then spotted one or more other small repairs that needed to be completed?  We’re guessing lots of times.  And how many times have those extra jobs meant you had to go back down the ladder and into the van (or worse, off to your nearest merchant) to pick up a different product to complete the job?  Thought so!

Because DURA+ is a hybrid adhesive sealant, it takes the place of multiple different cartridge products commonly used for roofing applications.  It seals leaks, fills gaps, bonds broken slates and tiles, repairs lead flashing, fixes guttering and more – all with just one tube.  So you can spend less time running up and down your ladder, and more time on the task at hand.


DURA+ is hydrophobic

Many, many roofing repair jobs are held up because of wet weather.  If you’ve ever grappled with a tarpaulin in the middle of a gale, you’ll know the pain of trying to shore up a leaky roof to prevent more damage, while you wait for the right conditions to repair the leak.

DURA+ isn’t just waterproof, it’s hydrophobic – which means the molecular structure of the formula actively repels water droplets.  Anywhere you apply DURA+, it drives out water to achieve instant grab on the surface, so you can seal up active leaks and complete repair jobs even in wet and wild conditions, minimising internal damage to the building.


DURA+ is flexible and durable

Roofs – especially in the UK – get cold in winter.  Then warm in spring (unless it snows). Then hot in summer.  Then cold again for that freak week in August.  Then hot again for September’s Indian summer.  Then freezing in October – you get the picture.  All that heating and cooling means that roofing materials expand and contract a LOT, which means anything you use to fix or seal roofing materials needs to be extremely flexible, and not prone to shrinking or cracking.  DURA+ withstands temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C and its hybrid polymer formulation gives it all the flex of silicone, coupled with all the durable longevity of plastic.  Could there be a better combo?


DURA+ works on any substrate

Sticking down some wayward lead flashing?  No problemo. Repairing a broken slate? Easy peasy!  Sealing up leaky or broken guttering, fascias and soffits?  All a walk in the park with DURA+.  It bonds, fills and seals effortlessly on a huge array of substrates including metal, plastic, PVC, wood, stone, masonry, slate, ceramic and many, many more – even rubber or butyl membrane, thanks to its solvent-free formula.  From a garden shed to a millionaire’s mansion, there’s no roofing job this small but mighty tube can’t handle. 


If you’re in the roofing business, we guarantee that DURA+ can save you time, waste and ultimately money while delivering performance you’ll want to reach for again and again.  For further information about the product, get in touch – and keep an eye for free samples, coming soon!