As a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, the construction industry takes its environmental footprint very seriously.  All over the world, technologies are being developed to help us build greener, using materials that have a minimal impact on the natural world.

One of the most powerful steps any industry can take to reduce its carbon footprint is to reduce waste – by not using materials that aren’t required, and by not sending unused materials to landfill.

By switching to DURA+, builders, roofers, plumbers and other tradespeople can dramatically reduce waste AND help protect the environment from harmful chemicals.


Less tubes = less waste

Think about it – how many cartridges are rattling about in the back of your van on any given day?  You’ve probably got a good few tubes of silicone in there, a general purpose adhesive or two, and maybe a few more specialist products like mastic or caulk, and sealants for plastic or metal substrates.  Some of those tubes will get used up completely – but many others won’t be needed as often, so they’ll go off in the van and end up in a skip!

With DURA+, you can drastically reduce the number of cartridges you need to carry around ‘just in case’, and avoid opening a whole tube of specialist adhesive or sealant for one small job, only to throw the rest out later.  It saves you time, space, money and waste, without compromising on performance.

We’re also currently working on refillable packaging that will further reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill when you use DURA+.


But does it really work?

Yes, it really works!  DURA+ represents the next generation of hybrid adhesive/sealants that we believe will one day become the industry’s first choice, thanks to their unique properties of versatility, bond integrity and resilience.  

DURA+ is a modified polymer, created using molecules that give it high grab, and ultra-strong, crosslinked bonds that can adhere to almost any surface, including PVC, glass and lead.  It’s hydrophobic, which means it drives out moisture and can be used to fix active leaks, even underwater.  Once dry, DURA+ is super flexible – and it stays that way even in harsh conditions, so it’s ideal for roof repairs, guttering and specialist jobs like marine or industrial repairs.


What about the environmental impact?

As well as reducing the number of tubes going to landfill, DURA+ is significantly better for the environment and for human health than many of the cartridge-based products currently on the market.

Firstly, DURA+ is solvent-free and low VOC – which means no more breathing in nasty fumes while you work, and no lingering odour after the job is complete.

The formulation is inert and non-toxic, which means it doesn’t react with the environment or leach chemicals during its lifespan.  For this reason, DURA+ is certified food safe for use in kitchen areas, and it’s also proven safe for aquatic life, which means there’s no risk to wildlife if it’s accidentally spilled or disposed of in the environment.  It’s even safe to use for fishpond repairs without needing to remove the fish!


To find out more about how DURA+ can help you reduce waste on site, or to enquire about joining the DURA+ distributor network, get in touch!