Reduce waste with DURA+

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As a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, the construction industry takes its environmental footprint very seriously.  All over the world, technologies are being developed to help us build greener, using materials that have a minimal impact on the natural world. One of the most powerful steps any industry can take to reduce its carbon footprint is to reduce waste – by not using materials that aren’t required, and by not sending unused materials to landfill. By switching to DURA+, builders, roofers, plumbers and other tradespeople can dramatically reduce waste AND help protect the environment from harmful chemicals.   Less tubes = less waste Think about it – how many cartridges are rattling about in the back of your van on any given day?  You’ve probably got a good few tubes of silicone in there, a general purpose adhesive or two, and maybe a few more specialist products like mastic

Why is DURA+ different?

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The science behind DURA+ Conventional adhesives and silicone sealants have been around for decades.  They do the job well, and are relied upon by hundreds of trade professionals on a daily basis. But as the construction industry becomes ever more competitive and fast-paced, and as tradesmen strive to do more work in less time, there’s demand for a new generation of adhesives and sealants that help them to work more efficiently.  That’s where DURA+ comes in. But what makes DURA+ different from other cartridge products like sealant, caulk, mastic and adhesive?  Why is it more efficient – and is it really better?  Let’s look at some of the science behind DURA+, and its benefits for the end user:   Firstly, what exactly IS DURA+? DURA+ is a hybrid polymer compound, also sometimes known as a modified polymer compound. These compounds are most often compared to silicone since they have the

Six tricky tasks you can do with DURA+

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If you’ve never worked with a hybrid sealant before, you might be unsure about how and where you can use this type of product, or even about how effective it will be for the job at hand.   Making a change from conventional, separate cartridge products to an all-in-one formulation might feel like a leap of faith – after all, the last thing you want is for your bonds to fail or your seals to spring a leak. But with next-gen hybrid sealant technology like DURA+, you can rest assured that your work will stand the test of time – while also saving you time in the process.   Combining the water resistance and elasticity of silicone with the mechanical strength of polyurethane, plus a unique curing process that creates durable bonds under almost any conditions, DURA+ will change the way you approach countless repair jobs.   From the most basic fixes to

We Are DURA+

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One of the most exciting things about construction is that it never stands still. While practical skills and craftsmanship form the foundation of our industry, there’s a huge appetite for the kind of innovation that makes the job easier, and delivers improved results. At DURA+, that’s what we’re all about. Our passion for fixing things dates back to 1971 when our parent company, MAXAM, was first established – and since then we’ve developed a strong reputation for innovative products that work to make building repairs faster, easier and more cost-effective. DURA+ is the natural progression of that commitment. It’s a 6-in-1 hybrid adhesive sealant, designed to take the place of multiple tubes that regularly clutter up your van or toolbox. There’s no more need for separate tubes of sealant, adhesive, filler, caulk or mastic - just one tube that copes effortlessly with almost any task! We’re problem solvers We’ve