In the world of construction, adhesive used to be a dirty word.  No tradesperson worth their salt would have opted to stick something in place when they could use cement, nails or screws – mostly because before, adhesives didn’t work all that well on construction materials like wood, metal and masonry.

That was then.

Advances in technology have given builders confidence in adhesives as a reliable alternative to conventional fixing methods for smaller jobs – but next-gen hybrid products like DURA+ are still underutilised in the industry.  

Many builders are unaware or simply sceptical that an adhesive/sealant hybrid can be used to successfully bond some of the trickiest substrates in the business – but we know it can, because we’ve tried!

Here are 8 tricky surfaces you can bond using DURA+ for permanent, reliable results (plus visual proof that it really works):

1. Masonry & brick

Yes, you read that right.  Mortar is the go-to choice for laying brickwork, and when you’ve got a lot of bricks to lay, you’d be crazy to use anything more expensive.  But mortar is time-consuming and messy, so it’s not always the best choice for small jobs, or indoor projects.

DURA+ is a powerful masonry adhesive with instant grab, a fast curing time and zero mess!  It sticks concrete and masonry blocks as well as scotch bricks, and it even bonds in wet conditions or underwater! It’s ideal for a range of jobs including:

  • Replacing a broken missing brick
  • Bonding brick slips (especially for interior features)
  • Garden landscaping jobs
  • Pond features

2. Porcelain & ceramics

If you had a fiver for every time a plumber asked you to ‘just lay the shower trays please mate’ – right?  Another job that typically calls for a mortar expert, fitting sanitaryware is a breeze with DURA+ – it bonds tightly to even smooth, glazed surfaces and has the added benefit of hybrid technology so you can fix and seal ceramics in a single step.  No need to mix up a batch of messy mortar, and zero cleanup required.

3. Lead

The most malleable of all metals, lead is a fantastic material for weatherproofing buildings because of its ability to bend, expand and contract.  Unfortunately, this also makes it a nightmare to stick or seal, because few adhesive and sealant products can match its propensity for movement.  Enter DURA+ – a supremely strong yet flexible compound that sticks strongly to the smooth surface of lead, and remains flexible even after exposure to extremes of heat and cold.  DURA+ can stretch up to 400%, so it won’t shear or crack when your lead flashing moves.

4. PVC

Bonding PVC can be difficult due to the low surface energy of this material, and typically requires a solvent-based cyanoacrylate or other specialist adhesive.  DURA+ is a modified polymer that also bonds PVC effortlessly, with the added bonus of being solvent free!  It’s the ideal solution for quick fixes on guttering, soffits and fascia boards and other PVC-based construction materials.

5. Glass & mirror

Ultra-smooth and brittle, bonding or sealing glass surfaces can be tricky – but not with DURA+!  Used as an adhesive, DURA+ delivers all the flexibility you need to cushion glazed surfaces against movement – it’s ideal for installing glass bricks and tiles, fixing mirrors or signage to the wall, and even sticking glass to glass using our crystal clear option – check out the video evidence here!

Used as a sealant, DURA+ offers supreme smoothness for easy, neat application and long-lasting results – it’s ideal for sealing showers, glass partitions and more.

6. Timber

It’s not cheating to use adhesive for joinery jobs – especially when you can get the same results without the need to go back and fill in all the nail and screw heads!  DURA+ offers instant grab on wood or MDF surfaces which makes it a smart choice for decorative joinery such as panelling jobs, and a fantastic alternative to wood glue on structural projects, because it can hold components in place without support until you’ve fixed them with a screw, for the strongest joints you’ve ever built!

4. Steel & aluminium

Welding and riveting are the go-to methods for bonding metal, but advancing technology is making adhesive solutions more popular due to cost, convenience and finish.  Metal adhesives must be able to withstand stress, heat expansion and corrosion, which is why two-part epoxies are often used.  With DURA+, there’s no need to worry about faffing about with tubes and spatulas – its modified polymer technology offers instant, powerful grab; it’s heat-resistant to 120°C; its fully chemical resistant and it stays flexible, forever.

5. Rubber & membranes

DURA+ offers supreme flexibility and is hydrophobic, which means it drives out moisture and can bond underwater, which makes it a perfect choice for repairing rubber pond liners, torn roof membranes or for general purpose sealing around water features, guttering, flat roofs and much more.


DURA+ is available from builder’s merchants across the UK and is a must-have addition to any tradesman’s van – eliminating the need to carry multiple cartridge products for less hassle and less waste!  To find your nearest DURA+ stockist, click here – or to become a stockist, get in touch!