As a plumber, you probably have an arsenal of products you use on a daily or weekly basis to help you get the job done.  

These include sand and cement or multi-purpose adhesive for fitting sanitaryware; mastic for creating a snug fit around wastes; silicone or caulk for general purpose sealing and perhaps even a specialist product or two for sealing PVC pipes, threaded pipes and emergency leak repairs.

But what if we told you that you didn’t need all those tubes and tubs rattling around in the back of your van every day – many of them destined for the skip before they’re even used up?  You might think we’ve lost the plot – after all, plumbers have been using the same types of products for generations, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

But here at DURA+, we believe that the latest hybrid sealant adhesives are about to change the way plumbers work; cutting down waste, saving time and even protecting your health in the process.  Here’s are five reasons why:


DURA+ can tackle any task

We won’t bore you with the science, but essentially hybrid adhesive sealants combine all the bonding strength of an adhesive with the smoothness and flexibility of silicone.  This means DURA+ has some impressive qualities.  It delivers instant grab for immediate bonds, and remains permanently flexible with the capacity to stretch up to 400%.  It sticks to almost any substrate – including notoriously tricky surfaces like PVC, stone and lead.  You can use it to lay a shower tray, seal a sink waste, fix a leak or repair a burst pipe – one tube copes effortlessly with any task.


DURA+ is hydrophobic

The modified polymers used in DURA+ make it naturally water repellent.  As soon as you apply DURA+ to a surface, it drives out moisture, which means you don’t have to painstakingly dry off the surface you’re working on, or wait for dry weather, in order to get the job done.  This hydrophobic performance comes into its own for leak repairs – DURA+ seals even pressurised leaks for an immediate fix that can prevent significant property damage.


DURA+ feels like silicone

When it comes to texture, our customers repeatedly tell us that DURA+ outperforms even the leading hybrid sealant brand.  It’s got an ultra-smooth, silicone-like texture that’s easy to apply straight from the tube while still holding its shape without slumping.  You can smooth DURA+ effortlessly with a damp finger or edging tool just as you would with silicone – but unlike silicone it won’t shrink, crack or lose elasticity over time.  


DURA+ is safer

Most plumbers use silicone-based sealants on a daily basis, which means they’re exposed to solvents regularly.  These solvents are essential for enabling silicone to cure – but they can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs, especially with prolonged use.

DURA+ is completely solvent free – it’s a polymer-based, moisture curing product with no harmful chemicals, making it safe for you, for your customers and also for waterways.  DURA+ is also approved food-safe. 


DURA+ saves on waste

With products you use every day, like silicone sealant, waste probably isn’t much of an issue because you get through a tube pretty quickly.  But for less-used products like mastic or task-specific sealants, there’s a good chance you won’t get through the tube before it’s gone off and has to be binned.  DURA+ can help you avoid this unnecessary waste by taking the place of those products – so you save space in the van, waste to landfill, and money in your pocket too.


To find out more about DURA+’s game-changing potential for plumbers, get in touch – or to locate your nearest stockist click here.